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Happy Labor Day & A Great Product Giveaway!

Naturegirl Industries Protein Bars I hope you all had a great summer. Now that summer is coming to an end and back to school lunches and snacks are on our minds, I thought I'd share a great product I found. This product is great for adults and kids. To fill you all in a little, I've been thinking a lot about what water we should be using in our house, bottled, filtered, alkaline, etc. I tried alkaline bottled water but was not happy about it being packaged in plastic. I tried filtering my tap water but I felt it wasn't removing all the chemicals it should. Then I found  Phountain Water . You can fill up your glass gallon containers and choose what alkalinity you want. I use an 8.5. Their filters remove all chemicals and you are getting clean filtered, alkaline water, in glass bottles. I am happy! Now back to my amazing product find. While in there filling my water gallons, I saw these bars from Nature's Fuel . They had samples to try and I fell in love with them.