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Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite in our house. I have made many pretty good gluten free and dairy free versions over the last few years but none were exactly like the traditional ones I would make before we were gluten free. I made these yesterday as a test batch and when I got home from food shopping my husband had pretty much finished them! That's how I knew these were real deal chocolate chip cookies. He actually said "no one would know those were gluten free". I almost fainted. He is my toughest critic when it comes to chocolate chip cookies and when he asked if I was testing them out again today I knew he wanted more. I thought this would take a while to perfect, but since they are good enough for my toughest critic then I think you will all love them too. And, with the holidays coming these are the perfect treat! Ingredients 1/2 cup organic palm shortening 1 1/4 cups of evaporated cane sugar 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses 2 large eggs 2 cups Bobs

A New Recipe and Why I've been MIA

I know I've been missing for the last two months. Aside from some Facebook posts and shares, I haven't posted on here. The reason is that my oldest child started kindergarten! Some people may laugh at me, but this was the hardest thing for me to get used to (and I can't even say I'm used to it, I'm just realizing I can handle it). All of sudden you go from a few hours of pre-k to a full day of kindergarten...6 hours with your little one out of your sight! You have to have faith that she will be OK for the hours she is not with you. This was not easy for me to do, I felt like I never saw her! Getting home late afternoon and some after school activities, homework, dinner and showers and before I knew it days were flying by and my time with her was minimal. She's growing up :( I know it's only kindergarten and some of you may still be laughing at me but this was a huge eye opener for me. I have enjoyed all the time I have had home with her but still wasn&