Best Almond Flour Pancakes

I've made many versions of almond flour pancakes and just wasn't fully satisfied with the way they turned out, so this morning when my kids asked for pancakes I had to find a new one to try. I didn't have time for recipe experimenting so I found this recipe from Jenni Hulet at The Urban Poser. I made them following the recipe except I substituted unsweetened almond milk as my milk and used vanilla. I noticed mine cooked on low heat with a cast iron skillet. I burned the first batch on medium heat and the inside weren't cooked.

I doubled the recipe and made half blueberry and half chocolate chip (my husband's favorite). Both were great!

As you can see even the kids loved them!

Here is a link to the recipe: Perfect Dairy Free Almond Flour Pancakes

Here are my step by step pictures:


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