My Raw Food Class with Liana Werner-Gray

Every since The Earth Diet book by Liana Werner-Gray was available to pre-order, I had my copied ordered! The first thing I made when I got it was the Peanut Butter Cups, you can read about them here.

Last night I had the opportunity to take a raw food class taught by Liana. The class was awesome and she is so nice and easy to understand! If your lucky enough to be in an area where she is teaching or speaking, I highly recommend you go.

She taught how to make some juices and the raw cupcakes in The Earth Diet book. I am looking forward to making these for Thanksgiving this week. If anyone is concerned about kids accepting raw desserts, Liana was nice enough to let me take two of the cupcakes home to my kids and they ate them right up!! My kids also love the raw cookie dough bites you can read about them here. I am happy to continue to give my kids the highest quality, nutritious foods there are, without them having to miss out on dessert!


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