Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been trying to find a good grain free chocolate chip cookie recipe for quite some time now. I've tried a few recipes and they were ok, but none of them I wanted to make again. If I didn't read this post from Danielle at Against All Grain, I wouldn't of tried these. Her post convinced me that these would taste like a real traditional chocolate chip cookie, one that my husband would even eat! She was right, these definitely made my list of cookies to make over and over again. Even my husband who has said "these are not for me", about the last few grain free chocolate chip cookie recipes I've made, ate a few of these and went back for more!

Here is the link to the recipe: Against All Grain Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I followed this recipe exactly, I made a little smaller cookie so I got about 20 cookies. I may or may not have added a few additional chocolate chips :)

Anytime I find a recipe as good as this, I don't even bother to change anything, it is just perfect as is!



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