Review of my newest book Paleo Indulgences

I am not 100% paleo, but I do eat many paleo foods and I'm always looking for new paleo recipes. I try to limit my grains, but for now having some grains and beans works for me. Whether you are paleo or not, Paleo Indulgences by Tammy Credicott is a great book. I have made the following recipes from this book and highly recommend it to anyone regardless of your dietary needs.

When I made my Samoas posted first here, I used the caramel recipe from this book. The recipe is posted here with permission from Tammy.

Here is a few of the recipes that I made from this book and they were all amazing.

Blueberry Crumb Muffins

Macadamia Cherry Clusters

Candied Coconut Walnuts

There are many more recipes in this book that I cannot wait to make, such as Mandarin Chicken, Paleo Fish Sticks, Gingerbread Pancakes and Egg White Bread!

Thanks Tammy for an amazing paleo book!

**Update: I made the Egg White Bread, this was also great!


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