Parsnip Mash

This recipe is great for anyone on a Paleo diet or anyone who wants to replace their traditional mashed potato side dish with something new. This is my favorite side dish served with a roasted chicken in place of mashed potatoes.

Parsnips are high in soluble fiber, the type that helps lower cholesterol and keeps blood sugar leveled. They provide folic acid and potassium.

Serves two

4 or 5 medium parsnips (usually one bag from the grocery store)
olive oil
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Boil parsnips until soft. You should be able to push a fork through very easily. Drain in a colander, then add to a mini food processor. Puree the parsnips until smooth. Drizzle in about two teaspoons of olive oil and process until combined. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.


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