Gluten Free Wraps

I’ve always loved wraps, before going gluten free I would put everything on a wrap, eggs, burgers, chicken salad, grilled chicken with veggies, pretty much anything you would put on bread or a roll I would use a wrap. After going gluten free, I was disappointed that I could not have wraps. I found some brown rice tortillas, but when trying to make a wrap they would break apart. Recently I was on vacation in Montauk, NY (anyone going there that is looking for healthy food not just gluten free, but organic and nutritious needs to visit Joni’s) I got my breakfast and lunch there almost every day! When I saw gluten free wraps on the menu, I was hesitant but they had them rolled up and stuffed with anything you’d like and they didn’t crack! I had to ask them what they used and then I got to work experimenting on ways of rolling them without them breaking. I am now very happy to have discovered a great technique that seems to make them pliable and easily rolled.

I use Food for life brown rice tortillas.

Heat about 1 tsp of olive oil in a pan on medium-low heat and add the tortilla.

Cover pan and let tortilla steam for about 30 seconds. Flip it over and steam again for 30 seconds. Using tongs, remove the tortilla to a flat surface to stuff. Stuff middle of tortilla and fold both ends in, then roll over. Put back in the pan and heat again (flap side down) This kind of seals it and creates a little crispy bottom. This is also important if you put cheese inside that you want to melt.

Here are a few of my favorite things to stuff with. As you can see these can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon (I use Applegate Farms Organic Turkey bacon) and shredded cheddar.

Chicken Salad


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